Sumo Ideology

The identity of “SUMO GROUP” is a proven integration of success and growth and also Sustainable growth. The group promises integrity and respect in all our endeavors, our values guide; our behavior and character and the way in which we communicate to corporate world.

The graphic element embedded with logotype “SUMO” is an integral part of the corporate identity. Conceptually this icon represents “Nurturing Growth”, the icon has three parts; first part represents the Sun- the energy source, the second part is a leaf element- a budding sapling, the last portion which forms the base, the hand element which blends into characters ‘S’ & ‘G’ indicates success and Growth, which is evolved over the years into sustainable growth.

sumo properties logo
The Golden yellow indicates sunshine, gold and spring flowers. These are associated with brightness – source of energy, cheerfulness, warmth & sparkle.
Fresh Green is a natural color of growth and abundance, it evokes spring; it also represents the freshness of creative ideas, concepts and innovation.
Royal Blue represents symbol of heavenly peace and eternity; it symbolizes importance & confidence. It also has the intellectual and aristocratic aura to be the power centre of the corporate world.

Our Projects

Having carved a niche in developing lifestyle amenities, Sumo Properties now introduces their extravagant apartments.